BT-Fun / Tens and Vibrators

The Chastitysteel BT-Fun

BT-Fun by chastitysteel: worldwide connected.

BT-Fun by Chastitysteel - Exclusive and brandnew on the market providing real flash points

Do not spare with wonderful attractions: That is the idea behind the brandnew BT-FUN program. The TENS device is new to market in its class and guarantees moments of indulgence in a way never known before. The sensation: BT-FUN by Chastitysteel is the first TENS stimulator, which is fully controlled by bluetooth. Look forward on a technical masterpiece giving you and your partner a smooth TENS stimulation whereever you are in world.

BT-Fun by chastitysteel: worldwide connected.

Simply unpack your BT-FUN, download the app from the Playstore, connect it with your smartphone and let the fun begin.

You can fully control each functionality of BT-FUN via the app.

You can either control the BT-FUN directly via bluetooth or grant access to your partner via the internet.