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The Chastitysteel BT-Fun

What is BT-FUN?

Imagine, you are together with your partner in a restaurant and you are stimulating his / her sexuality without even touching each other − simply by controling your BT-FUN via your smartphone. While you and your partner are playing your erotic game, all the other persons around will only see a couple like many others − one concentrated on his smartphone, the other one looking around, maybe a little nervous. What really is happenning, only you know.
BT-FUN is a system to sexually stimulate yourself and your partner: with a little help of some moderate electric pulses, the intensity under your full control, you will experience completely unknown new stimulation.
Our product BT-TENS1, a one channel TENS device, will stimulate the nerves through your skin by weak electric pulses. TENS means "Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation". Detailed information can be found at Wikipedia.

What is making the difference to our competitors?

The handling of BT-FUN is that easy and comfortable for you, as the device is fully controlled by the app on your smartphone. To do so, your device connects itself wireless via Bluetooth with the phone. As there is only a push button to switch it on, the device is discrete, nobody will recognize it. You can use it everytime and everywhere; not only at home, but also in the public, hiding it in your pocket. Undergoing a change in playing with each other at all sites, you have never thought about.

BT-Fun Bluetooth

The functionality will be increased all the time via updates. We are working hard to find new ideas for your erotic games in order to keep it exciting and full of varieties. There are many different programs giving you the power to explore new possibilities all the time: not only constant intensive stimulation, but also to increase intensity slowly but steady, followed by a pause and then from the beginning, again and again. Can you imagine, what will happen in you partners brain? He is aware what will happen, but he has no possibility to stop it...

Or what about simply putting the device on the breast of your partner while he is lying on the bed? Simply activate the movement sensor and your partner will very quickly learn better not to move, not even think about it. Do you want to provoke your partner, tickle him? Or has he been a bad boy / girl and there is the need for some correctional actions? The programs of BT-FUN will provide you so many possibilities for sexual games all around power, control and severe discipline.

But also when your partner is not at home, he will not be able to abscond from your justice and punishment: Take control via the website or you personal smartphone by controling the device from all over the world (in order to use the internet remot control, you need to have an account and a subscription with costs. There will be a free trial subscription included in your purchase).

BT-Fun Internet

How can you be sure, your partner will have placed the electrodes correctly and not cheating you?

Only the BT -FUN system has a reverse channel, informing you about what really happens. That means, you will always know, how much your partner is "suffering". The reverse channel shows you via a bar chart, how intensive your partner is undergoing your treatment.

To ensure this, the BT-FUN device is powered by a Li-Ion rechargeable battery, withstanding high intensities and long playing times.

How much fun will I get for my money?

Shippment includes together with the device itself a connection cable and a starter set of self-adhesive electrodes. In order to re-charge your deivce, simply place it on the also included wireless Qi pad, which you can power by an micro USB power supply. If you already own a Qi pad, you can of course also use this.

You can use all electrodes available on the market with 2mm sockets or snap fastener (adapters are available in the internet).

You have more questions? Ask your doctor or pharmacists, read the manual or simply ask us.