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FAQ - frequently asked questions

Bluetooth Connection / Pairing

Question: The pairing PIN is not accepted?
Answer: Try one of the following solutions:
  • First, close the screen keyboard, then press OK in the edit field for the pairing PIN,
  • First press OK in the edit field for the pairing PIN, the screen keyboard should close itself automatically. (depending on your Android version, one of these two should help),
  • Switch off Bluetooth on your device, then switch it on again.

Question: During searching for a device from the app, the operating system is asking for pairing?
Answer: Close the app, pair the hardware again and re-start the app.

Question: The app is not able to find any device, I only get the message "no devices found", even if I try several times?
Answer: Check in the operating systm, if the hardware is still paired.

Question: The hardware switches off, before the app is able to connect?
Answer: As long, as the hardware is not fully connected to the app, the hardware will switch off automatically after 2 min to save the battery. Re-start the hardware, then try again
Answer: The battery is empty, re-charge it, minimum 12 hours.

Question: The bluetooth connection is instable, it "flickers"?
Answer: In very seldom cases, parts of the operating system of your smartphone are crashed. In this case, the only chance is to re-start the complete smartphone.

Operating modes

Question: What is an "operating mode"?
Answer: Upon start of the app, you need to choose the operating mode:
  • Internet Remote: Remote control via internet: You are the remote master, who controls the device located at the sub.
  • Internet Local: Remote control via internet: You are the sub, who is "connected" to the device and will be remote controlled by your master. The control can be done either via the app oder this website (Customer area).
  • Stand Alone Local: Direct control of the device via bluetooth, no internet

Remote control via the internet

Question: What do I need for remote control via the internet?
Answer: First you need of course a device itself as well as a smartphone with the BT-FUN app installed on it. Additionaly, you need a customer account on this server, for which you can register here.

Question: From where can I remote control the device?
Answer: You can control the device from all over the world. Either from the BT-FUN app (-> operating mode "Internet Remote") or from this website. To do so, you just need to log in and choose "control device".

Question: Does this cost money?
Answer: Yes. You need an user account and either "credits" (time based remote control) or a subscription (unlimited access). Both can be ordered inside the customer area.

Question: Do I also need to pay for testing it?
Answer: No. When you ordered your device, you also received a starting amount. In order to use this, you need to register your device in the customer are.

Question: Which data do I need for remote control?
Answer: This depends, whether you are the controlled (= sub) or the controlling (= master) side:
  • Internet Local (= Sub): You do not need any data at all. Just start the app, choose the operating mode and the app will automatically connect to the server. On the status tab, the Internet ID and the Internet Password is shown, which is needed by the master in order to connect to your device. Internet ID and password will always stay he same and you are not able to change them. That means, you only need to hand over this information to your master once.
  • Internet Remote (= Master): Log in using username and password of your customer account on this server. Additionaly you need the Internet ID and password (which you will get from your sub), which enables our server to assign the device to the master. This is also for your safety, as it ensures, that nobody else will be able to take control.
  • Website customer area (= Master): Log in into the customer are and choose "control device". Internet-ID and password is also needed here.


Question: I received 2 PINs together with my device. What for do I need these 2?
Answer: Each device has its personal pair of PINs, which are stored inside the hardware. This means, that a PIN from one device will not work on another one.
  • Pairing-PIN: the pairing PIN is needed to pair the hardware with the operating system of the smartphone, see above. The pairing PIN cannot be changed.
  • Auth-PIN: the Auth PIN is needed for the BT-FUN app itself. The app authenticates itself against the hardware with this PIN. This is due to securiy reasons to prevent, that nobody else is able to get access to your device. Enter the PIN in the app before starting an operation mode with the help of the main menu. In case, you have more than one device, you can change the Auth-PIN using the menu subfunction "set Auth PIN" (can be found under submemnu settings). Attention: In the manual the value "20907" is shown for the Auth-PIN, this is just an example. Use the PIN, you received together with your device.

Question: I forgot my PINs. How do I get them again?
Answer: Send us an email (address see below) with a photo taken from the sticker from the bottom of your device including the serial number. We will send you your PINs again via email asap.

Unable to switch on the hardware

Question: I cannot switch on the hardware. It is starting, but switches off itself immediately?
Answer: Most likely, the battery is discharged. Re-charge the battery, minimum 12 hours.

Unknown failure

Question: The device has malfunctions. What shall I do?
Answer: Please send us the error storage. To do so, choose the function from the menu and send us an email (address see below) together with the serial number of your device. We will analyse the error storage and reply to you asap.


Question: What happens, if I connect a wrong device to an output?
Answer: Nothing :-)
  • A vibrator connected to a TENS output: as long, as you are using very low intensity, the vibrator may work without damaging it. When you increase the intensity, the overload protection will be activated and block the output.
  • A TENS device (e.g. some pads) to a vibrator output: even on max intensity, you will only encounter a smooth reaction, as the vibrator works on low voltages.

Vibrator voltage

Question: Which voltage shall I use for my vibrator?
Answer: There should be a note on the vibrator with the nominal voltage. Most of the vibrators work with 3.0V, only some very big ones work with e.g. 4.5 V. In doupt, send us an email (address see below).

Debug logging

Question: What is "debug logging"? Do you collect personal data?
Answer: No. Pressing the "menu" button in the tab for choosing the operating mode will switch on / off the debug logging. By default, it is switched off in any case on startup of the app. In case you encounter an issue with the app, we would like to ask you to switch on the logging and send the protocol to us. The log file is an ASCII plaintext file, you can check by your own, which data will be transmitted to us. You will help us a lot in finding the root cause of the issue and present you a quick solution.

No answer found?

In this case, send us an email: btfun-support@chastitysteel.de